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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Principal and His Principles

17th February 2012
Dear Cassi,

Something of an odder story from my past is the occasion where graffiti because a large issue at my grade school. That year the school because a patchwork of reds and maroons to cover the spray-paint. I remember there was a lecture on gangues where, I believe he was a policeman, told us that in other areas the gangues had respect of the schools and that their petty scratching were on bridges and such.
I have to say this is true as I never saw the marking at any of my other schools. What gangue members are doing at a grade school I would have to question? I mean “Come on, sniper, let’s go hangout with Oreo at the swing set,” just doesn’t sound tuff.
Still, the problem existed and so did its ugly spot patch solution. On one occasion the paint had not been on the door more than a few days and one of the boys pealed some away to find clean paint underneath. We pealed more looking for any sign of spray paint but there was none to find. As it happen the new paint adhered to the black spray paint, and when we peeled off the new paint the spray paint came with it leaving the door clean.
We children, Potato, another boy, and I, found this amazing but the teachers were not so impressed. They called us into the office and explained to us that the Principal had spent his weekend paining the graffiti out. Then they made us clean up what little shreds of paint we had left. Somehow they didn’t notice that the door looked better after we were finished, but perhaps it was the principle of the thing.

Live sane in this world, Little sister

Richard Leland Neal