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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Funny Story

This was an entry into a contest to become a TV programmer for six months. I didn’t win but you should get a smile out of this story.

13th March 2011

First, I will be so nervous my first day at Current that I miss my off ramp and get lost on the way to the studio.

Then I will get a call from Current asking me where I am, and I will answer it being too nervous to know better.

Being distracted from the road I will be killed by an oncoming truck and Current will televise my funeral causing everyone who knew me to lie and say they thought I would have done great things.

I will then return to the studio as a vengeful spirit creeping out writers for the rest of eternity.

Work history
I’m a Security Officer or at least I was until I lost my job early in 2011. I started in the world of security in 1998 getting my first job two weeks before graduating from high school. I’ve been in security ever since but dabbled in writing for the last few years. In addition I publish a webcomic and put out videos on YouTube. I will be graduating with a BA in Psychology shortly.

Why should you choose me?
I earned an A plus in screenwriting, but I’m not a film student. My training in Psychology gives me greater insight into the workings of the human mind. I have training in live performance witch gives me experience with script analysis and working with actors.