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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Take Time to Write Letters

Okay, two short letters today. Posting letters daily is no easy task. If you go over the frequency of my posts you can see that as well as any.

The truth is that I’m torn between posting as much and posting what is good. I try to make every letter good but sometimes they are dry and all about getting something done. So, today I have not one but two short letters that are more maintenance than anything else.

Well, honest opinions welcome of whatever you think of my work :o)

16th February 2012
Mr.(Person at my work),

It is my understanding that you have a writers group that holds meetings on grounds. I write film, live theater, and novels. Would you have room for another writer? If so, can you fill me in on what the group is like?


S/O Richard Leland Neal  
16th February 2012
Hay, Lisa,

On Valentine’s Day you commented that no one writes letters any more, but I have to disagree. I write letters, real paper letters, all the time, most notably to my friend Cassi who reads them whenever she feels bad. Cassi has infrequent access to email, but I write her letters so that she can have some physical object to hold that reminds her that she has a true friend.

Cassi told me that she keeps a few of my letters with her wherever she goes, and I would have to say that writing them has had a positive effect on my mental health. Real paper letters are wonderful and we should all take time to write them to those we care about.

Richard from Whittier