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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Never Mailed

I never mailed this because the issue was resolved before hand but this makes short but good reading.

7th December 2010

Dr. S,

You recently received an email regarding me from Dr. F, and I fear she did not make the situation clear.

Dr. F suggested that I take your class, and it was my understanding that I had already been issued a permit to add.

As for the difficulty of the class, it's a 400 level class and so should be challenging. I can spend the next month learning neuroanatomy if you would be so good as to recommend a text.

I grant that my first choice was "Sleep, Dreams, and Behavior," but as that was not offered to me and the same obstacle applies, I find taking your class to be a better option than not graduating.

I'm sure that PSYC 414 is a worthwhile class.

As for the difficulties Dr. F mentioned. Transient brain damage in the Occipital lobe. After taking a class with you and then taking 305 I was able to come up with a therapy for my condition. You will find it a mild hindrance at best but nothing I will need help with.

I'm sorry for how this must have inconvenienced you and I would very much like to take your class.

Richard Leland Neal

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