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Friday, October 7, 2011

Naked Truck Drivers

I remember this, and I’m ashamed of myself for writing it, because it’s not all my experiences. I worked at all these locations, but the last bit didn’t happen to me but to a fellow Security officer. I wrote about it in hope of getting my story on the slick pages of a men’s periodical.

I can tell you that back in 2005, when I wrote this, I was as much a habitual lyre as the rest of my family. Now days I abhor lies because I have been told them so often.

  26th May 2005
Dear (Magazine),

You want crappie work environment I got one for you. I was a security Guard on a loading dock. I had to stay outside in the cold rain or shine. If the ice on by boots wasn’t bad enough, I also had to wake up truck drivers to let them know there load was ready. This would not have been so bad if about a third of the drivers didn’t roll out of there sack naked to ask were their trailer was. Now I had worked in a shopping center were part of my patrol was to walk through the men’s locker room in a gym, so naked truck drivers were disgusting, but I had already mastered the art of looking away. Then one day I walked out to give a husband and wife team there paper work, and the wife got up wearing her night gown, no big deal until she stepped one foot outside the truck to grab the paper work, and I came face to face with the heaven’s gate of an old nasty truck driver. Gee grandma put that thing away, or at least wear some panties.