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Monday, October 3, 2011

More Professional Cover Letter

In dredging up old archives I found this letter which I did not write. Somehow it found its way onto my computer more than ten years ago. At this point it has moved into public domain or at least the writer should have taken it off my system.

This is a more professional cover letter than I would write so I’m posting it for your benefit. Do note that it was no better spelled than any of my old letters from a few years ago and needed some editing so take the professionalism with a grain of salt.
Dear Ms. (Business Person):

I was very interested to learn about the opening in your company for a product marketing assistant through job search on the World Wide Web. I am currently studying business, specifically marketing and advertising at (a private college). I would like to interview for the position.
Although I have not yet worked for a major corporation, I have had work experience that has developed many important skills. In working as a tutor for high school freshmen I learn to improve my communication skills to better express and explain my ideas. I also learned the value of patience, a needed skill to be able to explain difficult or complicated concepts. As a computer lab assistant I have become proficient in my computer skill, including typing and internet use. I have also learned about customer service issues, such as how to deal with a difficult or upset customer. From these jobs I have also learned the value of punctuality, consideration for fellow workers, time management, personal responsibility, and efficiency. I feel that these skills would greatly assist me in future job positions.
I would appreciate an opportunity to interview for the position at your convenience. Please let me know at (phone number), as an interview time is available. Thank you for your consideration.


(Unnamed pervasion)