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Friday, October 21, 2011

Let Me In!

Okay, let me point out that this school is new but accredited, and I believe I was number three to apply for the program in its history. They asked me for a professional statement and this is what I gave them.

21st September 2011
Dear (Professional Institute),

It is my intention to obtain an LPCC certification from your institute. I now have both a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and the abnormal psychology class work it entails. In addition, my own brother is mentally ill, and dealing with his Counselors has instilled in me insight into the needs of the mental health community. I have a greater understanding of the importance of this work having lived with and cared for the mentally ill.
I will grant that my academic record does not shine, but over the last four years I have gone from working ninety five hours a week and attending school to having to deal with unemployment. There can be no greater evidence than the events of my life to express to me the importance of this work and the diligence needed when employing oneself in its study.

Thank you for your time,

Richard Leland Neal