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Friday, October 28, 2011

Electric Immortality’

I wrote this when I was eleven or twelve still reeling from the death of my mother two years earlier. I had invented a story about a man who had been kill and reanimated through the use of implants. Those implants eventually became a part of him being truly consumed by his systems until it was impossible for the machine to be distinguished from the man.

To be dead honest, I got the idea from a few TV shows and movies mix with these booklets about surgery that had been floating around my house. They were images of muted tone showing flesh and implants together. I remember having these strange dreams about people who could be taken apart and put back together with screw drivers.

I guess I wished the world was that way. I wished I could have just taken a broken person to the mechanic and had them fixed. If only the world could be so simple that any think broken could be truly mended.

It simple isn’t so with the human body or mind.

Date unknown but some time in 1992.


A sound and then a silence
a ray upon the sky
the fleet has turned to dust
I lie upon the wreckage
bruised and battered am I

what is that at the door
a sinister figure
and I awaken a metal man

who are those people
with blood upon their tools
of healing and of  hurting

My hands are turned to claws                                            
human I am not
machine am I
O' why, O' why, O' why