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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hospital Cover Letter

Working for a hospital is always a good idea when one wishes to become a Mental Health Counselor even if it is as a guard. This application was kind of a long shot but given the fact that they called and asked me to fill it out I obliged.

I have no idea if I will get the job, but for the most part I at least have to go through the motions.

20th September 2011

Dear Hospital,

I am sending my application by US mail because I have no way to know if the submit by email tab on the application worked. I am applying for a job as a Security Officer with your hospital.
I have ten years of experience as a guard, but was laid off at the beginning of this year when my company lost a major contract. I spent the first half of this year finishing my BA in Psychology, and now intend to move on to grad school to get my LPCC.
I grant that it must appear odd that a man with a degree is applying for a job as a security guard, but let me inform you that that last estimate I heard was that the unemployment rate for college grads is around 20%. That is more than double that of the rest of the work force.
The truth is that the world is grim, but there is nothing for it than to square our shoulders and take what comes.

Thank you for your time,

Richard Leland Neal