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Friday, August 26, 2016


27th October 2014
Dear Cassi,

I am sick, sick in body, sick in mind, weary of spirit and short of time. I am sick because I have an infection given me by Pickle, and I am sick because Pickle will never let the past go. Turtle Nose, your ex-husband, is never far from his lips.
He again commented that of his punishing me over the inconvenience of that man by steeling my food. Then he said that he could never steel enough from me to make up for my transgressions. This would raise the question: how much need I steel from him to make up for his wrong doing?
This is a man who laid hand on me, insults our mother twenty four years in the ground, and still he feels he needs to torture me on. His transgressions vanish into the dust were as mine live on in his prodding.

Live in today, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal