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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Kitten in the Couch

15th October 2014
Dear Cassi,

Wrap your head around the idea that a man wanted to be a veterinarian until he lost his site as result of gang violence. One of the fellows who lives across the street from me is in such a way and so when I found a kitten in my living room I had a strange hankering to have him hold the animal.

As I came home on the 14th I was greeted by the crybaby mentality of one of my neighbors regarding the cats that live on my street and their tendency to defecate on lawns. If a cat leaves you a present on your lawn then you should be happy that it’s keeping the rats down.

In any case, I was greeted by a neighbor complaining over my feeding a handful of strays that frequent the area, and his seeing one with two or three kittens. As I approached my door I heard the faint sound of mewing but on checking my home found nothing.
It was later that day when I was roused by Pickle who said he heard a strange cat in the living room and on my entry I saw a little gray head looking back at me from the ruins of the couch.
On my approach the animal retreated into the depth of the cushions finding its way down under the furnishing. I made to dig the kitten free only to find that it ran, and made its way behind the piano. From there it ran back to the couch and from couch back to piano. Finally, the animal became fixed in place behind an old framed poster belonging to Pickles.
From here I recovered the small animal that hissed at me profusely but gave little fight. I noted it to be a female and placed her in a cat carrier for the night with food and water.

Stay safe, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal