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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Meek

3rd April 2012
Dear Cassi,

Children, at least those left unattended, can be rather cruel and my childhood friend Potato was no exception. As it stood he took his anger out on a fellow who couldn’t fight back. As Potato could only fight the meek he found a meek man to fight and so I will call this man Meek, as I have no way of contacting him to ask permission to use his name.
Meek was one of my fellow honors students and, right by the name I give him, was mellow as a lizard in the sun and soft spoken as a frightened kitten. Meek wouldn’t fight back so Potato would do his worst then I would step in and knock Potato on the ground. I was never much of a fighter, mind, and I thought this was all game.
That is the reason I never meant to hurt Potato. My only goal was to protect Meek who could not fight back. Violence of this nature was just part of life to me at the time. I would often go home to get a pummeling from Paul who, four years my senior, could put up a good fight.
Come to think of it now, I guess Potato was like Paul and I was like that father I never had. I did the natural thing and protected those who could not protect themselves.
Taking responsibilities that I have nothing to do with was always a part of my character. At eleven I was looking after the family cat, making out the shopping lists, and doing most of the house work.
So I watched out for Meek as best I could. I could have used someone to do the same for me, but as I say “Be the person you wish to meet”

Look after yourself, little sister

Richard Leland Neal