Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cook Top

20th March 2012
Dear Cassi,

Today I ordered a new cook top. What a cook top is as opposed to a stove I have less than total certainty but I needed a 36 inch one. I do believe that a cooker or stove is the one with the oven and the stand along heat transfer cooking device is what I needed.
The old one, which is now barely visible under the stains, has one dead burner and gives off uneven fire from the heads. It can no longer brown food so I rather had to replace it in good time. In the last six months I’ve done away with my old washer, drier, dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven. This was the last piece to go, I hope, and the expense has been rather staggering.
Well, Paul pays for a good bit of this because I do the cooking. Grown folks should be able to cook on their own but he can never get it right. Still the hope is that with the new device I can get more heat in the pans and scorch and singe at my leisure. With the old cook top I cook and cook but can’t get the heat high enough to crisp the edges of my vegetables.
One would think that blue fire is blue fire so that it would just take a hair longer to heat but no. The gas just didn’t want to come out the lines on this old thing. So I should have the new one by the end of the month. Sometimes it’s just time to let go.

Stay safe, little sister

Richard Leland Neal

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