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Monday, January 2, 2012

Online Profile

I just had to update an online profile for grad school and this is what I wrote. Does it make you feel as if you know me better?

What to say in my description that would be helpful? I earned my BA in Psychology from CSU Fullerton after I came within 12 units of a BFA in theater arts. I miss the mass experience of theater but none of the religious adherence to preconceived notions or grandeur.

You could say that I have a diverse pool of information swimming about in my head and a hunger for more. I came to mental health counseling after dealing with the counselors elected to help my mentally ill brother.

I learned that their definition of “help” was stabilize or ignore, and that angered me as much as it made me ill. I believe that giving up on people who are seeking help is the worst thing we can do as a society.

On another topic, I presently work as a Safety and Security Officer at a homeless shelter in Hollywood. I’ve worked in security since 1998 and that paid my way through college.

You will find me to be a hard thinker, strong headed, and overly analytical.