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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letter to Counselor

This is a forum post I wrote a day ago to a counselor talking about her problem client. She hasn’t responded so I don’t know if she found my comments useful.

Dear Counselor

This fellow you’re working on is a grown baby because he had no strong role models and he clearly needs to find a few. His father could be enabling and the son’s refusal to call him by his parental role is indicative of abandonment issues.

I can only say that he needs to be in group therapy so he can learn that he is not the only person in this world with problems and that his father needs to “man up,” or “parent up” to be PC, and stop enabling his son’s acting out.

In addition, I would have to ask if he ever reached out to his mother. She doesn’t have to love him but she is a part of him and he should help things along. Ask him to write letters to his mother, real paper letters, and bring them in and read them to you. Hopefully you can get him to a point where he wants to have something good to say. His mother will not come save him, but she might want to be a part of his life if she can be proud of him.

In any case putting his feelings down may help to lance the fester and start the healing process. He can use these letters for a blog later.

Another thing you could try is sessions with his dad where you toss a ball around. Sounds funny but it forces him to engage and concentrate.

Take everything I say with a grain of salt. You have a good deal more experience than I.

Richard Leland Neal