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Monday, January 9, 2012

Fail, Do it Again

So this is the second paper I turned in to grad school, comic included, and it was given  a “fail.” Well, I’ll take that with a grain of salt.

Three skills that counselors can help their clients develop through the delivery of systematic career development interventions:

          First and foremost the goal of career development intervention should be to build that skill without which all other skills are useless. That would be the ability to find a job. Both the unemployed and the working may have issues in this area. If a client has come for intervention they do so because there is some issue they need to address and the examination of their job finding skills should come first. Once that has been properly examined then all other skill building may commence.

Skill 1: Career decision making
          In the normal life in modern time the average person will need to make career decisions and may seek intervention for them. This includes finding an education program, finding a job, requesting a transfer at work. These decisions may be short or long term and will vary depending on the need of the individual. Two college students may come to the same counselor’s office seeking a job one just needing a few dollars to go out with their friend and the other needing help with tuition. These two cases must be dealt with separately.
Skill 2: Appropriate work ethic
          Maintaining a healthy work ethic is difficult in the modern world of downsizing and layoffs.  However, a poor work ethic will slow development and reuptake into the economy. The work ethic should both fit the job and future goals of the client.
Skill 3: Adaptation to work changes and stress
          Never before in human history have we seen so much rapid change in the workplace than we do now in modern times. New co workers, new technologies, and new business plans populate the work environment. Change breeds uncertainty and uncertainty creates stress. Dealing with stress is becoming a larger and larger part of the workplace.

Professor's response:
Well Richard, that was a unique and very creative approach to fulfilling the assignment. When you are feeling better (hopefully soon) please post your paper in a professional manner and directly into the box. Other students often cannot open attachments. Thank you.