Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Childhood Dreams and Missing Hands

This is an email I sent to a researcher who does work with the human brain. 

8th January 2018

In my case the sleeping disorder appears connected to an inability to alter my situation. This is supported by childhood dreams of having my hands removed and some of my artwork where the hands are missing. I appear to be unable to sleep because of a subconscious need to address the problem and an inability to do so.  There were times I exhibited walking behaviors where I wandered around the house, sometimes with my eyes closed, with no apparent goal or destination. This could have been a survival tool for early humans. If the problem were environmental then it could be something that could be walked away from. A human in the natural state may have needed to wander looking for food or water, conserve energy because of scarcity, and would have rested only when finding safe and satisfying ground.

It should be noted that in times of plenty, say I’m getting a lot of overtime and making a lot of money, I tend to sleep and lose weight rapidly.

It needs to be noted in my case that I exhibit signs of a swollen Amygdala. I experience strong feelings of anger if my heart beats to fast, and I practice breathing techniques to control this problem.