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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


26th June 2013
Dear Cassi,
Among the oddities of my life stands the end of the working time of my flash drives.  I have never met another person who has used a flash drive so often and long that they have moved to the read-only level and so are in need of replacement. As for me, twice in my life this event has transpired.
I still have to say that the read-only life end of a flash drive is still much more agreeable than the dead and not working condition of the hard drives and disks of time past. I’m reasonably sure that I will be able to recover my files and the new drives are faster and longer lasting.
There have been so many great changes in the world of computers and most of them improve stability and durability of technology. My first Windows computer ushered in a life far more tracked and understood than before with writings of old still held on the thing sheets of magnetic material that we once used to store things.
I have never been a man to live on the cutting edge because the sharper a knife the easier it is too dull, but I love technology. With that, I find nothing sad in the retirement of my old flash drive and welcome the new, faster, and more advanced unit.

The only real tradition is change,

Richard Leland Neal