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Monday, September 30, 2013

Testudines Snozed Mistake

8th of October 2012
Dear Cassi,
In all the idiotic things I’ve done in my life talking to Turtle Nose’s friends had to rank in the top ten. A fellow
who said he knows and has no like for you tried to get me to patch things up with our Testudines snozed mistake.
He went and contacted Turtle Nose who said he had no idea why our friendship ended. This a recant from earlier statements and an out and out lie. Well, lies are what he’s made of and I expected no less.
I told our messenger that I wanted to play a game. This game is called Yes, And, or Bullshit. Well, we got trough one round and I had to call bullshit. Turtle Nose put out as reasons for the end of our friendship that he had moved in with that long haired ashtray, that he had sexual relations with someone I knew, or that he had ‘forced cleanliness on my home’.
As I hadn’t remembered the first, didn’t know of the
second, and the third is just not true none of these could even be possibilities for the end of our friendship. Given also that they did not happen in close proximity to the events in question it makes no sense that he even looked to them. I believe that he knows good and well what he had done and as he said in the past he “Knew it was more than that” in regard to it being his refusal to get my name right.
I will grant you now the pain is gone and the anger fuels me. It fuels me like coal to a steam engine. It sets me in a motion that will serve me well in the coming time. The transgressions put against me are not a gifts or blessings, but they can serve a purpose just the same.

Find your fuel, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal


  1. I am glad at least the pain is gone. The anger is the next step I suppose but that part is never easy. I dont understand the first of the 2 reasons but I see nothing wrong with a clean house! It can't be forced and we both know that all too well but asking that is not asking too much! I myself wish I had a cleaner house but feel that I do my best for having 3 kids and also babysitting others! I am sorry if I opened old wounds by asking that you two communicate. I just wanted to see if a possible closure and release of old feelings would help free up the energy to take care of other needed things. We all have had a few hard lessons but I too feel that, damaging as certain ones may be, they all eventually serve a purpose. Marrying Christopher may have been a mistake on the level of relationships but it did force me out of my known routine and forced me to create my own path and follow it with my own confidence!

    Little Sister :-)

    1. You thought you were doing the right thing and that’s good enough for me. What you have to remember is that Chris is not telling anything like the truth. Whenever I started cleaning he always tried to get me to play video games and he argued with me no matter what I wanted to accomplish.