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Monday, September 16, 2013

Drudge On

11th September 2012
Dear Cassi,
The repairs to my home drudge on with the house unfit for sleep and the exhaustion held at bay only by my will. I can be thankful that Pony Girl did not make an appearance today.
I saw the vanities for my lavatories and they are cheap junk of wood so flimsy I could rip them out with my hand. I only hope they will be stronger when the counters are in. Then the vanity of the master bedroom wouldn’t fit the plumbing fixtures because it was too small.
The contractor had assured me that it would work and seeing the thing in place I could tell that it would not leave a gap on one side and I had wanted but a gap on both. This would make the room hard to clean and look rather ugly. To add injury there was a gouge in the pain on the vanity and so I demanded it be returned for one unbroken and fitting.
My wishes were obeyed by the workers but not by the contractor who called to tell me that it would be another four hundred dollars to correct the problem. I responded in the negative as I had no intention in having them install broken fitting in my home. Expecting to bill me for something that came out of the box broken is ridiculous.
First they fail to get permits and the job takes more time because they had to stop and wait for the inspector. Then I had to get my own smoke and Carbone monoxide detectors. Tomorrow I have an outside electrician coming to ground the pipes because the contract had not accounted for that problem.

Put them in their place, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal