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Monday, February 6, 2012

Wish I was Still this Fat

So, when I was twenty pounds lighter I wrote this as a blog and that now all but forgotten social network MySpace. I always looked at journaling as a way of documenting and evaluating my life and it never worked out that way.

Well, I found that the people in my life didn’t want me to be happy and healthy and that was the reason for my problems. I have less people in my life now but I’m still having trouble turning things around.

15th December 2005
          I’m no good at this journal stuff, and blogs are still a new thing for me, but I milled it over with some of you hard-core Myspacers out there and figured this was a good idea.
          To start things off I have a problem, at 285 pounds I could make a reasonable stand in for Fat Bastard, every time I try to sprint I bust a shin splint, and finding belts has gotten to be a real embarrassing exercise. So my intention with this blog is to record my feeble workout program in order to embarrass myself into good health.
          Let me start with what I know. What is the problem? I’m over weight. What causes this problem? I have no time for exercise, a bad diet, and (the biggest problem) a psychological condition that makes me feel hungry when I’m not. I know, I know now a day’s every one claims to have something wrong with their head that makes them what they are. Everyone has ADD or PTSD or some other problem. As for myself I’m not going to bother putting a name on whatever it is I have. Let’s just call it stress and say that I may or may not be taking Prozac for it. However, I have a limited supply of Prozac and once I’ve used it up I will have no more.
          Why? The point of medication is to treat illness that’s how drug companies make their money. I don’t feel I need a treatment I need a cure. Every day I will be recording my workouts, consumption of food and supplements, and sleep. I will also be blogging some of the things I do to relieve stress in my environment.