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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An August Journal: No More Concrete

The 10th August 2006
Today the two other owners of my home and I discussed the issue of repairs and determined that no more of Ken’s concrete is to be poured. Ken is well meaning, but he asks no approval when he modifies a home that is not his and once more he expects to be reimbursed for the materials no one asked him to perches. It is a wound to me that he has purchased parts for my computer desk that I did not ask for, insisted that he will install them and yet has failed to do so in more than one year’s time. Once more, I insisted that a different material was to be used. With witch the work would have been easier and faster, but he insisted, and the work has not been done.
Then there are the doors that he perched that still sit in his garage unused. I fear that I will soon have to ask for one of them, as they are paid for, and he will then insist upon installing the door regardless of the fact that I will need it done quickly. 
To conclude the issue of the concrete I instructed Paul to tell Ken that any more slabs would be removed by hammer, and that he is not to install sprinklers either as we haven’t the money for this type of repair.
If there is one thing that has been made absolutely clear to me it is that I must remove myself from this home. Unfortunately as the housing market has fallen it will be some time before a selling will be of any good idea. As this is true I must first perches a home to be the place of my family or buy this home off with the market poor as it is.    
It’s said that home coast stands in a ten year of rise and fall and fall is what has just happened I really need take hast.  In any case I must attend the matters of the day thus I conclude.