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Friday, February 24, 2012

An August Journal: Self Improvement

One of the things I have always done is try idiotic things to improve myself. The big problem with that is that no matter how motivated I am I have so much going on that I can never find the time to do half the work I should. I never learned any of the topics I talk about in this Journal, but I tell you this much I sat up with text books for no good reason many a time.

I would like to blame my failure to thrive on my depression but I was unwilling to make the radical changes in my life that needed to overcome the disease.

Would I want back the nearly six years of my life between my writing this and my posting it? Absolutely, but I’d rather be 26 in 2012 than go back to that time.
19th August 2006
It has come to me that the fees of the university will nothing like those of my present school and in being such I will have to prepare myself better. From what I read the University Fullerton charges on full or part time student hood as opposed to by the unit as my current college. Moreover, that full time for them is seven units and more. This may be a plea to the student to get out of the school as fast as possible. I have only planed for seven units at the college this semester and thus must find some eight to eleven more worth of work to prepare myself as well as reconstructing my living condition for optimal use of time and seeing to my health.
Thus I’m taking in the course materials for short hand, speed reading, and Hebrew, those compiled with my other work should be a sufficient simulation. It will be in no way easy because of the vast a amount of clutter in my life but then I have lived with it thus far and life has never been easy for me.