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Monday, February 27, 2012

An August Journal: Complaining

Title says it all
22nd August 2006
Much has happened since my last entry. I found myself ill on Monday and could not attend school.  However, I wonder if I’m being honest with myself over it. Yes I had a backache and nausea but I don’t know if that would have stopped me on a normal day.  It is entirely possible that I’m just embarrassed to go back to school after all that has happened there.
Not that I dead anything foolish but more that I have not moved on. It makes little cents to comity on this semester, as I will gain little from this experience, but as I have nothing better to do. I certainly hope that all will go well in SCU Fullerton but this augers ill for there can be no greater enemy the poor health.
In other new Alan(the man I do not call father) has taken ill, he is in the hospital because of high blood presser. It’s funny in a way as I’m numb to it now. How should I feel about this man the left me to ruin?  What would be the right course? If I’m a god-fearing man then I do nothing for him by taking concern. Surly he has sealed his own damnation with is actions or is he merely to ignorant to know how to behave?