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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For Good Reason

How many people have applied for a job that sucked to keep their unemployment benefits? If I had a larger friend base I would have them all apply for this job, and then turn it down just to get these people to raise the pay rate.

8Th October 2011
Dear Cassi,

It appears as if the jobs that are open in this economy are open for a reason. I believe I have mentioned a job I applied for working at a mental hospital. This was part time, two days a week, but I thought the pay would be higher and the environment professional.
When I arrived for an interview I was greeted by the Security Supervisor who had trouble with his English or maybe trouble speaking at all. Understand here that the job description included good communication skills, written and verbal, in English. I was to work for a man who did not fit the job requirements.
This fellow told me that they were having as many as two cars stolen per day before he took over as head of security. He said that it came to employees leaving their car windows open so that when a car was stolen the windows were not broken.
It was at that point that he made it clear that when he said “a car was stolen” he meant that a car had been broken into and the radio stolen. I can imagine the local law enforcement loves talking to this man.
I learned that I may be called to the lobby during my working hours to deal with rowdy mentally ill patients. I would be given training to do this as well as CPR and the like. All this for twenty five percent over the minimum wage.
He asked if he would get a response from the contact numbers I had provided and I told him that two of the three companies I’ve worked for no longer exist, but that I could bring in my payroll records.
I brought in my records the next day and he then explained that I would also need to provide my own uniforms for this job but that if I stayed on I would get a three percent raise every year. In addition, I would need a physical to get the job.
I got to the point where they had called me in to sign the wavers for the physical when I backed out. If I had taken the job I would have given up part of my unemployment and if I lost the job I could have lost my benefits entirely. I think the reason this job was open was that no one would want it.

Stay safe, Cassi,

Richard Leland Neal