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Friday, November 11, 2011

Can You Tell Me what this is?

I recall this letter, my mentality when I wrote it, and got the responses to my inquiry. The professor in question was a Registered Nurse and had a Ph.D. in Psychology.

During doctor’s examination I write of a blood work up was ordered, and my father had refused to take me to the lab.

What was wrong with me? I lived in a world that had no interest in my welfare. I believe the correct diagnosis is a ‘failure to thrive’.   

Another point to note is that I signed one of these emails with my initials “RLN” indicating that I was struggling with my identity.
From me:

Sufferer checked out okay, strong pulse, blood pressure normal. No blood work up. However, complained of persistent bad breath, vomiting, sickness after eating, sleeping for extended periods, constant feelings of coldness, and occasional numbness in limbs after sleeping. Also stated the vomit was normally clear, without undigested food, and normally happened in the mornings after sleep.          

I've often wondered what this was. It appears to be a stress condition to me, but maybe you can shed some light on it.
From Professor:

Not at all sure. Would suspect a stomach ailment like acid reflux or an ulcer. Would need more info. Where did the report come from. Looks like a medical evaluation.

From Me:

Actually it was me at 17. Stomach pain was not common enough for an ulcer, but the sleeping for long periods of time was the most important aspect, as it was the most debilitating. I speculate that if a blood test had been allowed it would have found something if it had been there, but I believe it to be psychological because of a family history of mental illness. I don't think ulcers just go away without some medical intervention although it has been known to happen now and then.

You should not be surprised that I state things medically, because that is how I think you can best understand them and I tend to have problems communicating with others as I'm sure you have detected. I really want to know about this problem because if it is hereditary I want to deal with it if I have children.

From Professor:

an ulcer, if it's small enough and in a generally healthy individual, can clear up on it's own. med info is fine with me as that is a lot of my background.