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Monday, November 21, 2011

Fools and Believers

I recall this situation and think it is far more interesting than the letter I wrote. Little known to me that the person I was writing to had no intention of putting my work on stage. It turns out that this person had a policy that only play writes from as far from the college as possible would have their work produced.

Given that the recipient of this letter was a Theater Teacher at a community college, and that we pay this person to better the students they teach I have to call that dereliction of duty.

In the classroom I have found so many little tyrants that I can no longer count them. Education loses its usefulness when the educators preach their gospel and declare a private kingdom. We end up with fools and believers rather than thinkers and doers.

31st October 2006
Dear (Community) College,

I’m submitting this script at the insistent request of some of my colleagues. I can only hope that their praise of my work comes from honesty rather than friendship, but one can never tell. If nothing else you should find the material different and engaging. 

I wrote this play with a large stage in mind and in such a way that it would not bore designers. However, I believe the special effects can be omitted and up to seven characters can be removed without damaging the script. In truth the reasoning behind suck a large cast as this was to give all of the “cat fish men,” as my readers have come to call them, speaking roles.

One of the strongest aspects of this play is that the scenes run in two directions in time, odd scenes moving forward and even moving backward. This gives the play a mystery feel with a “what did they do?” to go along with the “who done it?”


Richard Leland Neal