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Friday, July 29, 2016

Turning On the Old Computer

30th July 2014
Dear Cassi,
Somewhere in the working of getting my drawing desk back I determined that I needed to setup my old desktop computer to examine research materials when drawing. Until now I’ve had a laptop on that desk but the thing takes so long to turn on and turns itself off so quickly that it just wasn’t worth the work of running the thing.

I had tried. I had turned it on and set it to a number of tasks. One of those was an online game I was using to keep the computer thinking that it was active. This idea failed and the computer shut itself off and when I turned it back on it kind of got confused.

By this I mean that after I turned it back on it was still thinking about what it was doing when it shut off more than half an hour after powering up. The internet was useless. At some point I had to force shutdown the program. I’m not sure what I’ll windup doing with the old laptop but the desktop I’ve set up cost me eight hundred and the laptop only two so getting my money out of the desk top is a bigger thing.

In any case, two years of in operation had left the computer in a sorry state and it didn’t exactly want to turn back on.  First it gave me a long beep and never connected to the screen. I had to look this up on another computer and found that it was the ram failing to connect to the motherboard.

After that the computer got its legs under it the thing sat there being old and slowly getting it mind back. Two years and the computer turned on but just looked at me so I gave it some time.

I came to find it had shut down and rebooted and so I gave it a defrag and compression. I then stuck my flash drive in and set about working on the next comic. It shut itself off, and I couldn’t get it on again.

Now I was the one confused. I couldn’t figure this out. The computer kept telling me it had no operating system. That was until I pulled out the flash drive and it started right up.

Computers are hard,

Richard Leland Neal