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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

No Right to Cry

20th July 2014

Dear Cassi,

Adding injury to injury, I left my home this morning on some errand into the front lawn and found on the driveway tuffs of fur in the color that once adorn the neck of my cat Cheshire. There is a slim possibility, but it is unlikely that she still lives. I could tell by the amount of fur that she put up a fight, but what could have killed so timid an animal I have a hard time saying.

It could have been no bird even as she was a small cat for a bird would have carried her off and the caller would have been lost, but I found it on the ground. Then I imagine that the wild dog and coyotes have been coming down from the hills have dried and left no food for the rats and such. Well, what good would knowing the killer do for my poor cat.

I gave order with Pickle to keep the animals inside from now on. The two cats that I call my own will not like this but in the last six months two animals have been taken. I have to admit that a human could have done this, one that wanted it to look like an animal attack, but what can I do?

For reasons that I haven’t found in the morass of my brain I when and collected what fur I could find and set it in a jar. Then I cried, I cried and told myself I have no right to cry as I should have done better for my little girl. I should have worked harder and made this a home better suited for life and she may have stayed in more and been safe.

Stay Safe, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal