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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Book Review: 'Dry Water' by Eric S. Nylund

What can be said about Eric S. Nylund's novel 'Dry Water'? It's inspiring. I loved this book and have read it at least three times. Each time I see more and get sucked into the deep rich world of the book.
This is the story of Larry a writer who can see the future. He's on his way to a small town to finish his next novel but what he finds their transcends the world of time and space. 

This book is the door to a wold of witches, spirits, and magic but told in a way that will make a Sci Fi geek want to keep reading. 

I know because I'm a Sci Fi geek and I would normally never pick up a book like this, but I'm glad I picked up this one.

You can see that Nylund as something of a Dungeons and Dragons background with the number of magics from different parts of the world mixed together and how the characters evolve. The magic is very well done and understandable. 
Who should read this book: People who like to read.

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