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Monday, March 25, 2013

Strange Energy

I confess, Elmarie, that this idea of “Einsteinian Medicine” still escapes me. The concept of the living system as a “network of complex energy fields that interface with physical/cellular systems” (Gerber 1996 as cited by Mayer 2009, p.8) sounds loosely connected to special relativity where energy and mass are two expressions of the same thing. Einstein’s famous E=MC2 gives us the idea that if we could separate mass into energy the output would be very large.

Biological systems run off chemical energy not nuclear energy and so have a much smaller output rate. Moreover, it takes energy to convert input to energy output. In terms of mental health it is safe to say that energy production has a lower priority than a direct interface with major problems. The idea is biologically sound because in primitive life a major problem would be hiding from or running from a predator. Longer term stressors may have been drought or famine.

One of the behaviors I have noted in my more mentally disturbed clients is the tendency to wander the hallways at night as they cannot sleep or sit still. Light sleep would make the approach of a predator easier to detect giving the life form time to react. Wandering may be a way of searching for food and water in the case of a shortage. In short, depression and anxiety may be the most appropriate biological response to simple environmental problems.

In the modern day problems are much more complicated. Finding a job is much harder than finding food in the wild for those who know how to perform these actions. In order to find food or water all that is needed is to locate and recognize. To find a job requires having the right skills and experience along with the ability to establish yourself as a good candidate.

There are education commercials, I believe of the University of Phoenix, that state there are more open jobs than jobless people in the United States.  Many Americans have more than one job and still we have both major unemployment and a large number of open positions. Even at my own work the large number of open positions does nothing to drive up wages, as would be natural, and even with a large work force to draw from qualified candidates are still hard to find.

I guess this would mean that energy psychology is a fight against our primitive selves in order to function in a more complicated world. Can anyone add to this or give me some clarity?