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Friday, March 1, 2013


3rd July 2012
Dear Cassi,

I picked up my old Saturn today and found that all that was wrong was a broken ring seal. Where this ring seal was I cannot say but its damaged nature made my gears move to the side and not connect.

Further along, I learned that his was under warrantee and that my car had been repaired for free. Had I not replaced the car this would have been a blessed event. Then the ten days it took for them to work on my car makes me think that there is more to it than just a ring seal.
The mechanic had warned me that the transmission could fail soon rendering the repair I had paid nearly three thousand dollars for useless.

The car I got back from him drove poorly and was so far out of alignment that I could hardly drive it as far as my work. If ever there was a time to give pass on repairs and buy a new car it was then.

I was roused just before five in the evening by Pickles who had said that Ken asked him to waken me. I showered and dressed and we went to the bank to get more money for the repairs to my home. It was then to the mechanic to see again the car that I have driven for all the years of our knowing each other.

The drive home placed me in somber thought as to whether I had done the right thing. Then what difference did it make? Had all the universe come to me and said yes or no it still could not have undone what had been done.
There was finality in what I had done and I suppose that loomed in my mind. It’s funny though, the mechanic said that he had few clients as ‘mellow’ as I. He told me that he wished all his customers were like me and that some folk made him uncomfortable as soon as they walked in the door.

Never look back,

Richard Leland Neal