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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sad News

25th July 2012
Dear Cassi,

I received sad news with my coffee today. The long drive into Yorba Linda to by my equal exchange coffee put me in an ill spirit as the road had been packed with traffic. As I think I have said, the proceeds from this coffee go to a hospital so I find it worth the drive.

Still when I arrived at the home of my supplier I learned that one of his cats had passed in the time since my last case. This cat had been an orange tabby and a friendly old fellow at that as he would put his front paws up on my leg to ask me to pick him up. I grant that I have a tendency to pick up cats and small dogs but few are so enthusiastic about the affair.

On my last visit he had turned to bone and fur. He was lighter than a kitten. The animal was so frail I was afraid to hold him as I feared I might injure him. I sat down on a bench in the back yard and let him sit on my lap. He was no less eager for my company than he had ever been and he brushed his head against my arm as he always would when I came over.

The old cat was a talker, who would never be silent in my company, but his call had gone soft and so had his fur. The once strong passes of his forehead against my arm had turned to gentle nudges. I could tell that there was almost no life left in him.

Saver what moments that you have, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal