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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dear EA Games

2nd March 2013
Dear EA Games,

Have you ever considered a real time strategy counterpart to your Dead Space franchise? I’ve never been a shooter fan, but I love your Dead Space title and would very much like to play in that universe.

Large components for the design and writing of a strategy game are completed for you and the maps to play on could be the existing setting of the Dead Space game. After all, at some point security teams had to take back the star ship Ishimura from the necromorphs. This would have taken man power and strategy as any team sent in could have simply increased the number of undead aboard the ship.  Not to mention the other outbreaks that must have come about.

A real time strategy game would open the Dead Space experience to a new audience and expand the titles coveted by fans. In other words, you’re looking at a minimal investment in expanding the existing franchise. Video games are often good investments to begin with, but adding titles in another genre has yielded some of the most profitable games to date.

Taking and holding areas in a Dead Space strategy game would be the primary goal in addition to protecting or capturing human populations. A poorly laid attack for the humans would lead to a stronger enemy and moving in groups that are too dense would leave humans open to attack from their own who are susceptible to the marker’s influence. Further, the longer troupes stay in the combat zone the less stable they would become.

On the other side, necromorph strategy would be more along the lines of evading and holding as human troupes will turn in time.  Necromorph have all the time in the world. They could prove a new dynamic for the real time strategy.

Play like you mean it,

Richard Leland Neal