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Friday, February 8, 2013

Something of a Game

7th June 2012
Dear Cassi,

I’m playing something of a game. Every time I get something done I flick a comic on the old vengeful rose website that Eric put up. This bit of business is a thorn in my side and I need to take it out sooner or later. I believe Eric put this up in good faith but Turtle Nose convinced him otherwise.
When the first site was made to display my web-comics it listed Eric as a webmaster. After I broke with Turtle Nose Eric removed that section to leave an error warning in its place. After that last conversation I had with Turtle Nose the error was fixed so you could never tell a webmaster was listed.
When I finally put my foot down and expected Turtle Nose to get my name right he had Eric pull the advertising from the site. That makes it impossible for me to make money off my work, not that there was much to make in that time, but it’s the insult that counts.
So now the ads are back and I can make money on a site that can be pulled from under me at any time. So with every action I complete, like writing this letter, I turn to a new page of this site in a hope that I can cause Eric to take it down.
In the process of this I will get my comics properly logged and measured so that I know when they were published. The first generation had no issue numbers and so there is a need for recordings to recall the order of them.

Wish me luck, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal