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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Village to Raise a Child

This is another of those Grad school mini essays. I write about five of these a week so to post them all I would do nothing but post these.

Am I right? You tell me.

What does it mean that it takes a village to raise a child? Explain.

The most noted part of this in the modern day is that a child will be most influenced by those that child spends the most time with likely their peers. Thus the combined parenting techniques used by all the parents in the village, or environment, will be reflected in the youth.

We can also note that malefactors in the environment have much to do with the children and their well being. In order for children to get their hands on drugs, for example, they must first be exposed to drugs. This would indicate that someone in this environment has been using drugs or had access to drugs and profits from their sale. Even the condition where children sniff markers or other inhalants imply that these children must first gain access to these supplies and then be unsupervised while using them. W may also note that the modification of behavior from the used of these drugs would not go unnoticed in a well monitored system.

It takes a village to raise a child because the whole village has an impact on that child. It takes a people to keep a person. We should always be aware of the fact that never in our live do our actions have no impact.