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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cruel Children

13th January 2012
Dear Cassi,

Another of the ghost of my memory moaned today. I remember this one occasion where I was foolish enough to watch as another child was roughed up by a group of his school mates. They drew no blood mind you. It was all just make believe that went too far.
I forget what offence this unfortunate young man committed to anger the other seven year olds. However, I know it had something to do with a contract. They surrounded him and twisted his arm but went little further than that. The anger on his face is what I recall.     
They took his contract, I think it was written on notebook paper, spit on it, rubbed it on the ground and then on his face. Children can be so cruel but this happened in the school yard so the teachers are not without blame.
I remember there was this green ball of snot coming out of his nose and he thought it was blood. He fumed when he felt it and reached up then looked at his hand. It looked like his head would explode.
The next day it was like nothing ever happened. I have trouble understanding that now days. Then again this was the child that showed another kid his butt on a dare. He got over it and from what I know he is doing well. Then, he hasn’t called in more than ten years.

Stay safe, Cassi

Richard Leland Neal