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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Four Years Apart

Short one fore you today, if I have time I’ll post another to make it up to you.

This is another of my grad school essays. I do have to say that as all my classmates have to read my work shorter is better. It would be Rude of me to post long things in class.

 The most popular boy in high school who is a senior asks your physically matured freshman daughter to the prom. She is normally very self conscious about her appearance and often depressed, but she is now very excited about the attention and is the talk of the school. Do you allow this date? Why or why not?

Point one: my daughter’s depression implies that I am a bad parent. This issue should be addressed first and foremost.

Point two: An emotionally vulnerable fourteen year old should not be alone with an eighteen year old. If they had sex it would be a crime in the state of California. Prom is an occasion were sex in expected as a societal norm so the answer is no. I would not be comfortable with my fourteen year old being sexually active with a man four years older than her. I would not be comfortable with her being sexually active at that age.