Wednesday, May 31, 2017

With Trust and Respect

16th October 2016

My dear friends at the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services,

Today I interviewed with a company called “(Censored) Security Services” and I feel their business practices are questionable. For one thing, they stated that they would employ me as an independent contractor. It is my understanding that a California state Guard Card does not give me the ability to work in this capacity and that I would need further permits to do so.

Further, they stated that I would not be expected to hold any special insurance as an independent contractor, which I find to be questionable at best. They also stated that I would be expected to use my powers to arrest for misdemeanors such as trespassing and vandalism, and that I would be expected to handcuff non violent perpetrators.   

It is my understanding that the state of California does not recommend the use of Private Person’s Arrest without the assistance of a Police Officer. The use of handcuffs should be reserved for the Police unless a subject becomes violent and there is no other way to subdue them safely.

I wish to know if these activities and standards are lawful in the state of California and how I should properly report them if they are not.

With trust and respect,

Richard Leland Neal