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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Chair

I never finished or mailed this letter. I had been harassed by my work until I was so angry I took the chair I talk about home and filed a report regarding my back problems making them buy me a chair that worked.

I worked at a homeless shelter and so I wanted to make my work place worth working at without costing money to the homeless. Little did I know that management was putting that money in their pockets and getting angry with me for helping the homeless.

In the four years I worked with these folks it became clear that they wanted the problem of homelessness to be as bad as it could be because that was good advertising for them.

Well, they had to replace my chair but they eventually terminated me. I guess they win in the end, but at what cost? Is my life better for not working at a place that gave me trouble because I gave them a chair? Yes, I guess it is.

25th November 2013
Dear Cassi,
A point you may recall about a year ago is my going to the doctor to see about my back. I felt that the doctor blew this out of proportion, but I had to pick up a few things to make my life a little more ergonomically sound. Among these was a chair I took to work.
Now mind you that this chair was in my home when my kittens were very young and they made a few dents in it before I could take it to my work station. It didn’t make much difference as the chair they brought me bent at the stock and so was unusable. So I made a donation of a fine office chair with good back support with a few scratches to my work.
This by nature was a bad idea as the chair soon felt the hard use of inconsiderate folks and sometime last month began having issues. A bolt had come loose on the left arm rest and needed to be tightened. Rather than do this the folks at my work wheeled my chair into the printer room and I believe intended to toss it before I took it back home.