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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fourth Grade Rats by Jerry Spinelli(Book Review)

'Fourth Grade Rats' is a novella written for fourth graders about Suds, a kid who loves the bathe so much he got a nick name out of the practice of bathing.
Suds has just entered Fourth Grade and is now a rat thanks to a poem or chant created by the children. Now as a rat his friend Joey is teaching him how do rat and misbehave.  

Given that this is a scholastic book we all know how this is going to go and its not good. This book shows Suds as a pushover who does what he is told by others and I dislike that so little attention is place on him trusting himself and not others.

Being a rat should just be a dumb song and he just goes along with what other people tell him to do which gets him in trouble.

In the end, I found this book to be forgettable with very little that stood out. I understand that this book was designed to get kids to read but it isn't trying very hard.

Who should read this book?: People looking for a quick read.

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