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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Private Person’s Arrest

24th October 2013
Dear Cassi,

Today I made my first private person’s arrest. It’s a funny thing about that, you see, I made this arrest on duty as a security officer when the person was clearly guilty of trespassing.  The police knew that my company would never press charges, but the person in this case had laid hand on me.

It started with the common event of someone coming to the front door of the building and looking like they needed help. As the intercom system is out I could do little, but let him in to communicate but as he was shirtless and rather grubby I thought he had been in a fight and needed help. When I open the door he said he needed the police and I said I would call them. He then asked to use the restroom, and I said I couldn’t let him in. Management had made a stink about that lately and they felt mercy took second seat to safety. I can’t argue the point.

As is often the case he got agitated and, feeling entitled, started screaming. This happens. When you deal with the client population that I deal with things like this are just par for the course. I’m not sure if this man was just crazy or if he wanted to spend the night in a jail cell. Jail cells are more comfortable than the street and he needed a bath so bad that getting locked up wouldn’t have been as bad as his smell. 

He reached over the partition and smacked me on the chest prodding me do let him in, and I said if he did not leave he would be arrested.  We argued verbally until the police came and cuffed him.

It was a hell of a thing to watch, he said he called them, they told him to tell it to the judge and then asked if I wanted to make an arrest. I said yes and the Officer took paperwork out of her shirt and filled it out. I signed it and they took him away.

Keep yourself, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal