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Friday, June 17, 2011

Letters to a Soldier: Writing About Stuff to Write

Yeah, this is one of those letters I wrote for no other reason than I thought that a friend of mine wanted to read them.

18th June 2007
Dear (Soldier),

Well, another week has past and I almost got a day off from work. Not really, we are now short three people. We had it down to two, but then one of the new guards quit because she was told that she had to come to work on time and would have to cut and apply seals like every one else. Not that I’m complaining, more over time is more money in my pocket and that’s a good thing.

As of the time I’m writing this I have about sixty-three days until school starts and around fifteen days to apply for the financial aid I’m not going to get. May as well apply anyway it doesn’t cost me anything, and I might need a student lone.

Your father is bothered by the fact that you called me and not him. I responded with the simple statement that (your wife) reminds you. Let’s face it, it’s normally the truth. Not that I’m complaining. (your wife) needs you more then I do, and it’s important for you two to be there for one another. Then when you think about it it’s always important to be there for the people you care about.

I’m working on a new play right now. I call it “A Mind Bending” about a man in an insane asylum who is on trial for murder. It doesn’t help his case any when he knocks out an orderly who had been beating him.

DAVID: The last time he hit me we were in a crowded hallway. I called out and fell to my knees. With six of your staff watching. He grabbed me by the collar to hall me to my feet, and I caught him off guard. It takes about thirty pounds of pressure to knock a man cold. When the other orderlies came for me I put my hands up, but one of them tackled me, and I hit my head against the wall. Not hard enough to worry me but loud enough to make the staff worry. It opened this (touches bandage on his face) and left a bloodstain. They took me into the infirmary to get me checked out, and I asked the doctor to look at my back. They took off my shirt and found my evidence compelling.

The statement is about human nature and how we learn to live with things, but I’m also trying to talk about the fact that you can’t get something for nothing.

In terms of novels I’m still working on the thing with the Deam. I don’t have a really definitive story line yet. More like a group of related short stories. Nothing developed at this point. I’m working on the other story, but I’m not getting far with the plot. Right now I have begun the story on the bridge of the “Star Seeker” as the ship has used its FTL drives and is lost.

I’ve changed the designed of the ship so that it was originally designed by Clordoenions and they sent an AI to build it for earth. The FTL drive that the Clordoenion ships use creates a universe that moves in relation to the existing universe. I don’t know if I’m going to keep the existing transformation ideas from the story. There are two reasons for his: number one is "how", and number two is "why".

I can see ships with limited flight capabilities that transform into robots, but they would function more as tanks then fighter jets. Jet stream or thruster assistance is a concept that makes cents to me, and having one form for speed and another for maneuverability is in current development.

I intend to read the Robotech books again for research purposes and the rest of the Herbert books once I’m done with Nylund. I still try to read one play every week because of my professional interest, but plays are harder to follow because they don’t have the detail and most of the Characters are less distinguishable.  

Anyway, man, I have to get back to work now and I suppose you do too, so have a good day and stay safe. 

Peace and long life,

Richard Leland Neal