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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Letter to a Soldier's Family

This is a letter to the family and friends, sent by email, of a soldier who was stationed in Iraq bat in 2007. It’s a funny thing how that friendship ended.

I imagine this is a less than thrilling post, but I’m trying to post three letters a week here and I’m lucky if I get to writing one.
30th May 2007
Dear everyone,

(The soldier) called me yesterday to let me know that he is getting my mail and that he is not writing me back because he is working very hard and has little time for anything personal. I’ve told him more the once now that he should be calling (his wife) or his family but it was good to hear from him.

He said that he had an important job, and that he is doing good things. He told me that it was all a good experience for him, but the better parts did not out way the bad, and that he longed to come back to us. He didn’t say more because he had very little time and just came off a twelve hour shift.

(His father, his mother,) your boy has turned into a responsible man, and I hope that you are all as proud of him as I am. 

Best wishes to you all,