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Friday, March 25, 2016

Star Wars, Young Jedi Knights, Jedi Under Siege: Book Review

'Star Wars, Young Jedi Knights, Jedi Under Siege' is a mouthful of a title letting us know that this book is in the old Star Wars universe or the 'Young Jedi Knights' line and called 'Jedi Under Siege'.

I'm not sure the writer knew what a siege is, but then maybe it's me that doesn't know. In any case, there wasn't much of a siege.
The truth is that I haven't read the other books of this line, and so I couldn't really get the continuation of the story. This book kept making references to both the Star Wars films and other books of the Young Jedi Knights. I understood what was going on but couldn't get much into the story.

I have to recommend reading these books in order. 

Who should read this book: Jedi Junkies 

Total Books Read: 16 of 5000

Pages: 230

Total Pages for 'The 5,000 Project':3,240