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Monday, March 28, 2016

After I got Blooded

31st December 2013
 Dear Cassi,

Two letters in one day, well, that’s something new. In any case I guess I could have just kept writing the last one, but I’m in a funny mood, and I have to go into work. I got my face blooded this morning and I’m still going into work.

I have to finish telling you the story of the person who bloodied it to keep my head clear.

In any case, that angry client left this morning after I tried to call the police, but she came back. I saw a figure at the door and went to press the button to open it, but I didn’t need to. The door came open on its own.

So there was that angry drunk, and she wanted her belongings at maybe an hour past midnight with her roommates sleeping. I can say this much she wasn’t drunk, not anymore, she was crazy angry, but not drunk.

This girl was the kind of angry that meant she couldn’t be permitted back to her room because she could hurt someone, and it was my job to keep people safe. So I told her to leave and she wouldn’t.

I called the police and she reached over the counter and ripped the phone off its cord. I pulled out my cell phone, and she tore the time clock off the wall and hurled it at my hands knocking my phone to the floor.

I had to put my phone back together and let it turn back on as she grabbed everything she could had hurled it at me as hard as she could. The papers and the mouse pad hit me. By the time she threw the computer monitor I was on the phone with the police. Next went the computer body and the police were on their way.

She tried to rip the security monitor off the wall, and I didn’t want that hitting me so I put my hands on top of hers to stop her, and she spit in my face. She tried to jump over the counter to get at me, but I knocked her back. Twice more she tried this before knocking over the Christmas tree and storming out.

I was safe, but I was bleeding. I was bleeding, and I didn’t even know it yet. I’ve got to go to work now so the rest I’ll have to tell you tomorrow. Funny, isn’t it, I got my face blooded at work this morning and they won’t even give me the night off.

Stay safe, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal