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Friday, January 30, 2015

Wounded Cat

Dear Cassi,
Today I came home to a horrible happening. My dear ginger cat, Caramel, was licking his wounded leg which had developed an abscess in the night and exploded before the morning. The leg itself was rather swollen, and I imagine full of the custard colored pus that oozed from the hole at his knee.
He’s limped for the past two days and been wanting closeness to comfort his pain. Caramel is my big fluffy boy, and so I have much the want to hold him. His temperament is such that he has little love for laying about and would much rather wrestle his brothers and sister. He is a cat that will stand embrace only for short spurts but in light of his condition has sought out companionship. 
Two other of my cats have limped, but neither suffered for long as they recovered quickly, but my Caramel was not so lucky, and so I boxed him up and took him to the vet. With him went his sister Cheshire who needed shots. The long drive to the vet was a difficult as the cats would not stop crying, and Caramel clawed at the fake leather carrier that held him.
It was my early thought that some furan body lived within Caramel’s wound and this put there by annoying neighbors who disliked my cats on their car. The Veterinarian said it was probably from the cat fighting with another animal. Only time or a hundred and fifty dollar x-ray can tell. It was already two hundred for cleaning, bandaging, and antibiotics.
I have always loved my animals, but love will never pay vet bills. I still have no regrets keeping all four cats. This just reminds me that I should prioritize. In this world, responsible folk have to know what’s important.

Know your world, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal