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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Book Review: 'Kavik the Wolf Dog' by Walt Morey

‘KaviK the Wolf Dog’ by Walt Morey is a 1968 novel about an Alaskan sled dog who wins a major race then is purchased by a rich man who shouldn’t own a dog. This is very much par for the course for Walt Morey who is perhaps best known for his book ‘Gentle Ben’ a book about a bear. This book is the third listing in Walt’s bibliography and was popular enough to warrant a ‘Made for Television Movie’ of the same name aired in 1979.

Now, having looked after an ill dog I know a few logistical things about the practice. That’s the first thing about this story that jumped out at me was that there was no mention of the hard parts of looking after a dog or the frustration of cleaning up after the animal.

Further, Kavik is a dog that never knew the indoors and they make no mention of house braking the animal. Just as a point that’s kind of a thing.

Now, again, having been a dog owner and knowing the love a man can have for his animals I get the story and understand a good number of things, but the book is more of a set of coincidences rather than a good plot driven tail.

Who should read this book?
Those who love animals, books, and have nothing better to read.

Pages: 192
ISBN-13 978-0140384239

Total Books: 3 of 5,000

Total Pages I’ve read for ‘The 5,000 Project’: 747