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Friday, October 11, 2013

No Afternoons

27th October 2012
Dear Cassi,
Today I was offered an afternoon shift and I turned it down without a thought. This would be for the same pay but more work. There is so much more going on in the afternoon that it just gives me a headache.
My boss thought I would jump at the chance. I came into the brake room before shift, and he told me that I could have the evening shift if I wanted. I respond in the negative and he said “No, seriously, you can have the evening shift,” but I was uninterested.
I would be expected to take a lunch as opposed to now when I take a lunch at my desk and get paid for the time. This would mean another half hour out of my day.   The on duty meal period has always been more to my liking and I would keep it rather than lose.
If this inconvenience falls flat I can also point out that traffic his bad in the day hours and it would take me twice as long to get to work each day. The night shift with its tranquility and freedom is what I have worked for the past fifteen years. To me the night is an old friend and I am pained to part ways.
I think they would have liked to have me on the evening
shift because of how well I work. As for me, I would like to get better pay because of how well I work. As one is independent of the other I see little reason to look after my boss’s wishes.

Find what works, little sister,

Richard Leland Neal