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Monday, October 21, 2013

Fatty and the Troll

31st October 2012
Dear Cassi,
A realization donned on me today and there is some shame that goes with my revelations. On the way in to work there was traffic because it was Halloween. In that traffic I did something foolish, and that was that I aggravated a man who was already angry and driving recklessly.
As he took the mentality that I had no right to merge into traffic, traffic was at a dead stop, and he would have sped up had he been moving. Again, I had as much right as any, but he didn’t see it that way and pulled ahead of me lurching and nearly hitting my car. He also yelled some insult that I couldn’t hear as he passed.
As the driver behind him was of a nicer sort I came into the lane directly behind him and followed him as a result of going in the same direction. At this moment I hadn’t been thinking, but I had tailgated him to make a point. He changed lanes likely fearing retribution and I pulled up alongside his car.
In the passenger seat there was what I can only describe as a transvestite prostitute. It could have been a transgender and it/she/he could have just liked makeup, but the combination is smoke if not fire. As the man driving had gray hair, and it was younger unrelated looking folks in his car, it looked like a street walker’s run to me.
I rolled down my window and informed his passenger that the fellow had committed vehicular assault and could be arrested. From the driver’s seat he yelled “Fuck you, you fat troll.”
At this I said, “why don’t you get out of your car and say that?”
“As if you could get out of your car,” he said and drove off with the green light.
Now all this gives me satisfaction, know that I made a rotten fellow like that have a bad day. However, the next time I may anger a person with a gun.
As it turns out, the exit I use is always where the traffic ends, and if I drove another mile down I’d bypass all this rot and gotten to work faster.
I see enough trouble to know that I should pass it on by so in the future that’s what I’ll do. I’m told there was a shooting in the night down here. I hate to die over using a freeway exit.

Stay safe, little sister

Richard Leland Neal